Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Anniversary Gifts for Couples

Personalized gift items with the names of the couple engraved are great anniversary gifts which can impress the anniversary celebrating couple. They include dairies, photo albums, candle holders, bedside table lamps and novels depicting the stories of long lasting marriages. The most important factor you need to find in the gifts is the bond building and consolidating elements. Simple books on dos and don’ts for husband and wife can also help in bridging the psychological gap between the couple. They will be able to preserve the gift for the rest of their lives with delighted hearts. Similarly there are many other types of gifts they would love to preserve and protect. Here are few tips for choosing the gifts for anniversary celebrating couples.

Personalized Gifts – Eternal Memoirs of Love

  • Family Tree: – Take a midsized Christmas tree (made of plastic or rosewood 10’in height) with twin branches and plenty of leaves (at least 1.5cms in length and 1cm width). Make a list of the family members from the groom and the bride. If possible collect their photos and get them scanned into your computer. Edit the image sizes to fit into the leaves. Take a print and write the names of family members on the photos. Now glue the photos onto the leaves in each branch. Then you can place the tree on a glass plank and cover it with a glass casing. Seal the casing with the base plank. This will make a wonderful gift for the anniversary couple to cherish and preserve for many years. You can even paste the individual photos of the couple from their childhood till the present day together.
  • Copper Pottery: – Choose copper pottery (set of 4 to 5 miniature pots welded on a metal base or one midsize pot). Carve the wedding date and anniversary year on the pot having pre carved designs. This gift says a lot about the love and relationship between the couple along with your good wishes.
  • Oil Painting: – Take the help of a professional painter and get the portrait of the couple in oil painting. You can ask the artist to make it appear from the classical era with perfect attire and background aesthetics. Paint the date of marriage, anniversary year and great poem of love and commitment on the same portrait. Get it framed with transparent fiberglass and present it as a gift.
  • Photo Dairy: – The photo dairy will have two distinct parts that are integrated with each other in every page. The left page will have option to insert photographs and the left will have space for writing. This is a unique gift which will be preserved by the couple for many years.
  • Essential Oils: – Set of gift bottles with essential oils for skin and health care would be ideal for the couple. This shows how much you care for their personal wellbeing and wholesome healthy life. Write the purpose of the oil on small pieces of flexible sheets and glue on every bottle. Get it gift packed and present it to the couple. The anniversary couple will get absolutely delighted by your unique gift and remember your gesture every time they see or use it.

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