Geeks and Gamers – Best Present Ideas

Geeks and Gamers – Best Present Ideas

The best present ideas for geeks and gamers can be derived from the concepts of their out of the box thinking way, likes and hobbies. Normally geeks are perfectionists who expect accuracy and flawlessness in everything they do. They seek to create something new every day which fuel their constantly craving mind. Hence the presents you give them should also be unique, innovative and from the future.

Super Gaming Suits – Real Star War Games

Super gaming suit is the latest gaming method in which the players wear specially designed gadgets. The gadgets give them the power to create magnetic and light waves and fields around them while playing with friends.
Battle Ground: – One of the preloaded games in the gaming suit is the battle between two teams in which players attack each other with virtual laser guns and weapons. Once they are able to hit the gadget worn by the “enemy” at a specific spot on the gadget, they get points. The team with maximum scores will win the game. The game can be tracked with the help of an app loaded onto the smart phone. The players can track their performance and scoring patterns very closely.

  • Great Chase: – This is the game in which a team of fugitives are on the run from the authorities. The two teams track each other and play the game of escape and chase. This is a unique game that can keep the nerves of geeks and gamers engaged at the highest level of mind and body coordination to perfection.
  • Creative Desktop Toys – Keep the Brains Busy
    Creative geeks and gamers have a tendency to think faster than their bodies can work. This might make them feel they are lagging in their target achievement. The creative desktop toys on their drawing table can keep motivating them to go ahead without looking back. You can find best present items in the online toy shop. The legendary icons of phantom, spider man, Harry Potter, Transformers, the last guardian and others can keep them motivated.
  • Miniature Drones: – The small versions of drones and robotic toys can keep the IQ hotpot of the geeks and gamers constantly simmering with heat. They are able to keep their spirits at the highest levels.
    Electromagnetic Skate Board: – This is also called as the digital hover board. This can keep the players’ feet firmly fixed to the board with the help of electromagnetic waves, when the players wear the custom made shoes. The players will be able to keep pace with the others while taking part in the races and outsmart their competitors. This board gives them the ultimate feeling of physical and intellectual superiority over the others, which they always craved in life.
  • Toy Building Tools: – The unique toy building tools (for electronic, robotic, electrical or simple mechanical toy making at home) are responsible for the ultimate satisfaction of the geeks and gamers which can hardly be achieved with any other tools and devices. They will simply love you for what you present on special occasions.

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