Difference between Online Shopping and Traditional Purchasing

Difference between Online Shopping and Traditional Purchasing

The Shopping has raised its wing from traditional to online. People can purchase any item from their house with the online shopping whereas the traditional purchasing give you touch and feel while buying products. There is both pros and cons between these two shopping. Gone are those days people use to visit the retail stores to get their products. The electronic shopping will bring the products directly to your homes with just a click.


  • The traditional shopping is easy that you can visit a retail store and purchase products. The only con is you need to travel from one place to another to purchase goods. Traffic takes lot of time and you should only purchase in office timings.
  • The Online shopping is available at anytime that you can order items 24hours 7days a week. You can order anytime during midnights also the only limitation is it takes time to deliver products.

Quality of products:

  • You can touch and feel the product when you purchase from traditional shopping. For example; you want to purchase a mobile phone and go for the retail store. Here you can touch the mobile, verify the specifications, check the product and later you can purchase it. This is not possible in the online shopping.
  • You should order products and wait to receive them until it reaches your house. You cannot touch the product until you make the payment. Sometimes you might receive wrong products which are major demerit in purchasing the products.


  • The cost of products cannot be judged on both traditional and online stores. Some products might be low price in traditional while other may be high in prices. You can check with the retailer for offers and discounts on products.
  • The online shopping provides you products with affordable prices. You can compare with other stores for low price goods. This will give you an idea on where to purchase the products with cost effective benefits. You can also get special discounts on products with the online shopping sites.

Right Brands:

  • The traditional shopping is best to purchase genuine brand products. You can visit the official brand store and purchase the products. Here you cannot see any fraudulent scenes as you are buying from the valid stores. They will also give you bill and warranty to that product.
  • The online shopping will not promise you to give right brand products. There are genuine brand products available with the online stores but you need some research while buying them. You will buy by seeing only pictures and prices. Hence you should be careful while getting products from online stores.

There are both pros and cons between traditional shopping and online purchasing. If you want to buy a global product which a retail store cant able to give you then buying it from online stores will work best. Hence these are the differences between traditional and online shopping.

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